Experience exchange and trainings in Gent in the framework of Tempus program

Experience exchange and trainings in Gent in the framework of Tempus program

RUEA continues its active involvement in European TEMPUS programs on the improvement of RA Educational projects. In the framework of ALIGN project, training courses and exchange of experience event was conducted in Ghent, Belgium during the period of 28 September – October 5, 2014 . The RUEA, Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia and 3 Armenian higher institutions (Yerevan Brusov State University of Languages and Social Sciences, Yerevan State Medical University after M.Heratsi, Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts) representatives participated in the event. It was also represented by Students’ Unions, Ministries and Labour Market from Russia, Ukraine, Ireland, Great Britain and Belgium. The training courses aimed to assist and support RA higher educational institutions in the process of compliance the RA Educational Programs with RA National and Sectorial Educational requirements: The trainings were developed in the framework of TEMPUS ARMENQA and INARM projects in accordance with the requirements of the European educational system.

During the training courses, possible RUEA actions and outcomes were defined for the implementation of the  program:

  • To create a list of employers or sectorial representatives having an intention for permanent investments in the improvement of RA Educational system (guarantee of indirect participation)
  • To increase the opportunities of direct cooperation employer-university (generally through university career centers)
  • To inform and explain the project key concepts of the above mentioned employers in order to to ensure effective participation of employers
  • To present the lists of employers to the appropriate educational institutions and promote the educational institutions to establish and strengthen the links with employers
  • To encourage employers to make investments in students’ practical trainings and gaining working experience
  • To encourage employers to participate and express their points of view on university quality features
  • As a TEMPUS inter-project member, RUEA encourages the foundation of inter-project working group which will provide the link and coordination between all TEMPUS projects
  • Regularly cover and raise awareness on program results and objective, etc.

TEMPUS projects are directed to create student-centered educational system giving an opportunity to provide students’ mobility (e.g., from department to department, from university to university).